.. with Mike you get the analysis, the results but more importantly the insight

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.. highly-tailored, one-to-one training delivered in a relaxed but challenging coaching / consultancy style

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.. Mike has proven he can turn a potentially dry subject into an engaging and memorable exercise

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.. it was the best review of Myers-Briggs I've ever experienced - and I've had a few - our entire team expressed similar results

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.. Mike has shown his ability to work effectively across a wide range of cultures - Indian, Japanese, German, American & Swiss

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.. insightful, challenging, open and honest - Mike exhibits many qualities other consultants could learn from

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Leadership and Strategy Consultants

We enable leaders and leadership teams to raise their game. We help individuals, teams and organisations to improve their performance by increasing self-awareness and understanding the impact of behaviours on performance and success. We can quickly help organisations develop clarity of purpose and align departments using innovative techniques for strategy, business planning, culture change and team development.

 strategy for smes

Fast-track strategy facilitation and planning for SMEs. Focus on organisational goals, departmental results and individual accountability with Strategy Maps.

leadership team development

Helping leaders and leadership teams to realise their full potential by building trust, overcoming the fear of conflict and focusing on the results that matter.

 executive coaching

Enabling individuals and teams to understand how emotions affect behaviour so that they can improve business performance and success.

organisational culture
Understanding and measuring the behaviours which shape organisational culture; achieving sustainable performance improvement through culture change.

 360 feedback
A range of assessment systems to provide all-round, confidential information on soft skills, performance and even personal impact on organisational culture.

 psychometric tests
Providing insights into personality, ability and emotional intelligence – for selection, development and coaching. British Psychological Society qualified.

British Psychological Society qualified

efpa accredited

Member of the Association for Coaching
CIM Chartered Marketer
OPQ32 - Nova Connection is an SHL Partner