Leadership Development

Building trust, increasing self-awareness and developing soft skills

Leadership Development

We help leaders and leadership teams to be more successful. The first and most important step is to build trust within the team. In some organisations this can be more challenging than others, but whatever the culture it’s an essential foundation and one which can take time to build. As trust develops the team becomes more effective – becoming better at group problem-solving and decision-making. This is because they have learned how to harness conflict constructively, developed self-awareness and become more emotionally intelligent.

Leadership Programmes

Leadership development programs which show leaders how to increase their personal effectiveness and influence. Challenging and insightful, designed to increase self-awareness.

Executive Coaching

Business and executive coaching programmes which change the way individuals think about themselves, others and situations. Enabling individuals to break through self-imposed barriers.

Team Development

Team development workshops based on simulations, scenarios and team dynamics. Demonstrating the power of team versus individual decision-making.

Emotional Intelligence

Enabling individuals and teams to understand how emotions affect behaviour so that they can improve business performance and success.

Psychometric Tests

Providing insights into personality, ability and emotional intelligence – for selection, development and coaching. British Psychological Society qualified.

360 Feedback

A range of assessment systems to provide all-round, confidential information on soft skills, performance and even personal impact on organisational culture.